HD DVD standalone players sales are back on top

Blu-ray Vs HD DVDHD DVD has been on a run lately in both hardware and software sales. After they got off to a early start, they were eventually passed by Blu-ray. Now the momentum is shifting back thanks to a few key factors including; there was the big Paramount deal combined with a few hot exclusive titles, -- like Knocked Up -- and now their players are back on top thanks to the fact that they were the first to bring 3rd generation hardware to market. To be honest, we were surprised to see Blu-ray standalone players on top at all, 'cause we figured the price was driving most people to PS3s. But, with the 3rd gen HD DVD hardware announced a little early, combined with a depleted stock of A2s at most retailers, it gave Blu-ray the chance to sit on top for a little while. The other factor currently in play are Blu-ray Profile 1.1, which is due out at the end of this month. This combined with a bunch of new Blu-ray players announced at CEDIA almost certainly has a lot of Blu-ray supporters holding off. Of course we are looking forward to the real telling factors at this year's CES where we expect both camps to tout their holiday dominance.