Will fall football influence your HD purchase?

NFL logoI don't know why all the buzz about the NFL season and its influence on HDTV sales. NASCAR has a bigger fan base and more events in HDTV, but I'm a NASCAR addict, so I'll forgive all of you. Much of the hubbub around sporting events in high def is revolving around the almighty pigskin, so we have to ask: are you planning an HDTV purchase soon due to NFL games in high-def?

Rather than run a poll, just let us know in the comments if football has or will influence your purchase of an HD set. We're curious if we can expect a "spike" in HDTV sales between now and the Super Bowl. Or are you just going to "huddle" around an analog set for gridiron viewing each week? After watching games in 1080i for a few years now, we sure hope not!